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Information is becoming a valuable powerful asset and the commodity of business. On the other hand, consumers are becoming more aware of their right to data privacy and hence the demand to protect personal data. Considering the massive amount of personal information which are being stored and processed every day, it is induced that the enactment of the PDP Act is a milestone for the development of e-commerce and e-government in Malaysia. The act becomes a guardian to protect the processing of personal data in commercial transactions and to provide for matters connected therewith. With innovative advances in the digital arena and the increasing use of third party solution providers, many companies find it a challenge to control the multitude of risks that they are facing.

The focus of this 2nd Annual Personal Data Protection is to gather local and international experts and practitioners of data privacy to share the advantages and challenges of implementing PDPA, with the aim to explore the path of building the preparedness and awareness in complying with the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act.

Take away with you skills and strategies on:
• Clearing the uncertainties and concerns surrounding the privacy of personal information in Malaysia
• Understanding the practical implications of the legal requirements under the act
• Gaining insights on the latest developments in local and international personal data protection legislation
• Comprehending on the breaches of personal data, the scale of the problem and its implications
• Leveraging on the best practices and overcoming challenges in implementing the act


CEOs, COOs, Managing Directors, Executive Directors, Company Secretaries, General Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, Heads of Department, Senior Managers, Managers of Legal, Compliance, Marketing, Operations.

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