• Cyber Fraud for Board
  • 17th May 2017
  • Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur


Cyber-fraud or cyber-crime is the criminal face of cyber risk and it is imperative that not only governance functions retain up to date knowledge, but also the boards and executive of those companies. While boards and c-suite members generally operate at a more strategic level, leaving the operation day to day detail to others,this is one area in which they not only need to have an awareness, but also take active steps to ensure security and compliance.

Legal and regulatory requirements and litigious shareholder groups now place personal liability on board members and directors of companies, as well as the CEO and c-suite. Companies are now required to not only put systems in place, but to provide evidence of their effectiveness and suitability.

Participants will be guided through the best thought leadership currently available in this ever changing area of expertise, to enable them to manage the creation of a holistic risk management structure.

With the latest information and the use of actual case studies with various scenarios used by criminals, you will gain a clear understanding of what constitutes cyberfraud and also better understand how the cyber-crime landscape is enabling the commission of these crimes in your business today.

Take away with you skills and strategies on:

  1. • An appreciation for how cyber-crime is impacting your business today
    • Understanding of the cyber-fraud risks faced by your company
    • Gaining insight on the best cyber-fraud risk management practice and how to ensure it is implemented it in your organisations through the risk management process
    • Access to the Omni-risk tool for Financial Crime Governance
    • Holistic cyber-fraud risk management review audit processes



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