• Governing Boards - Excellence in
  • 10th & 11th April 2017
  • Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur


Corporate governance is the system of rules and structures that create, direct, and control power in corporations. In theory it is simple; it can be learned like any topic and applied to any company. Its practice it is difficult; people are unique and their governance solutions vary with circumstance, constraint and preference. Shareholders may be found serving as board members or employees; cross shareholdings and alliances may blur corporate boundaries; loyalty, duty and affection may create conflicts of interest far more difficult to manage than the conflicts created by monetary interests. In this advanced course participants will have the opportunity to discuss with their board peers how to govern ethically and well in the context of a modern Malaysian corporate landscape. The interplay of regulation, legislation, market forces and cultural preferences will result in subtly different governance solutions that suit circumstances and allow the board to govern in the best interests of the company and, therefore, its shareholders.

All boards make choices about how they will govern. These choices become the norm for that company and, over time, people forget that a conscious decision was made and that, perhaps, a different decision might better suit today’s circumstances. Only by understanding, deeply, how governance works in practice, can governance be tailored to fit each individual company.

This course will investigate the choices that participants make by using practical case studies that allow creative exercise of judgement and development of expertise.

Take away with you skills and strategies on:

• Learn how other governance practitioners get traction and avoid inertia by building consensus and avoiding deadlock
• Discover how to add value to management’s strategic process and how to develop strategic KPIs that keep performance on track
• Identify the skills available to your board and develop a board succession plan that leads to effective diversity
• Develop skills for asking insightful questions that uncover uncharted risks facing the company
• Implement ‘health check’ governance reviews that drive excellence in board performance



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