• Strategic Planning for Boards
  • 22nd & 23rd May 2017
  • Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur


Strategic planning was often considered a part of management’s responsibility with the board being expected to simply “rubber stamp” the plan submitted by the management team, however, nowadays there is an expectation of more active engagement by the board.

Good governance requires the board to provide leadership in setting the strategic goals and objectives of the organisation and ensuring that the goals are in fact achieved. If an organisation repeatedly fails to achieve its goals, not only does the senior management come under pressure, but the board too will face close scrutiny.

If you are a part of a board:
• Are you taking a proactive role in the strategic planning process?
• Are you providing guidance and direction to the management on the key strategic goals and objectives?
• Have you developed a framework for monitoring the progress against the plan?

This hands on and interactive workshop will provide the directors with the skills, knowledge and tools to shape and influence the strategic planning process within their organisations and contribute to achieving long term success.

The program will empower participants to:

• Shape the strategic planning process
• Establish the framework for ongoing monitoring
• Setting strategic goals and objectives for organisations
• Work closely with the senior management to agree on the strategy
• Drive better performance in organisations



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