About Us

Asian World Summit (AWS) is an international business intelligence company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We aspire to be a world class event organiser, continuing to make an impact and contribute to organisation’s success. AWS takes pride in creating platforms for organisations to share and exchange ideas, sharpening strategic powers to make key decisions and to contribute to the transformational rise of Eastern and Western civilisation.


Our Tagline




Our corporate tag line “Asian Based, Global Reach”signifies our commitment in achieving your business goals through creative business approaches by bringing the latest secrets of Western success to the East and bringing the secrets of Eastern breakthroughs to the West in line with promoting and contributing to the global breakthroughs that pave ways for eye opening discoveries, transforming the way businesses used to be.

Our Goal

Our objective is to conceive and run summits, conferences and workshops that are capable to shift the traditional way of envisioning and accomplishing business objectives. We go an extra mile to provide you with platforms to nurture new ideas and explore best practices that will elevate your business to unlimited heights.

  • We identify and match our event benefits to your organisational needs
  • We are concerned about your professional growth and on how you can contribute to your organisation
  • We are your knowledge aggregator and your business exchange. We weave together the best practices and most successful ideas of the world’s seven continents to achieve your goals
  • We build a long term partnership with you
  • We keep our market research up to the date in order to produce events that take into account what’s happening now and what is likely to happen next
  • We build our brand through quality products and services
  • Our people are our assets and we uphold professionalism and family values at work


Our Services